Resistance and Repression in the closed centres 05/24/2013


On the 23rd of May, prisoners in Bruges went on a hunger strike.

According to the news we got today, the police arrived in big number this morning and searched all the prisoners of the centre and their cells.

In one wing,two men were arrested with violence and bring to the police office in Brugge, where they stay a long time. One of him was bring to the closed centre in MERSPLAS and take violently in isolation.The other was bring in the closed center 127bis in Steenokkerzeel.

Some of the detainees might still be on hunger strike but information are extremely difficult to obtain because most of the mobile phones of the detainees are either locked or have been confiscated.

Following the hunger strike in Bruges, movements of solidarity took place in Vottem but also acts of despair. A man tried to commit suicide; he slashed all his body and swallowed keys. He was taken to the hospital from where he escaped last night in a very worrying state.

The atmosphere in Vottem is extremely tense these days. A hunger strike was started  in two wings of the centre in order “to protest against the arbitrary decisions of the Foreigners Office who want to deport at all costs, against their detention, and against the extremely repressive attitudes of the centre staff”.Rapidljy the movement was repressed. Some where bring in isolation.

To be continued…




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