Robocops in the closed centre 127 bis

Robocops in the closed centre 127 bis

Today 25/08/2017 11 am : a Moroccan man detained in 127 bis’ closed center freaked out.
He had learned that his brother died in Libya and was to be burried in Morocco. He had asked for a return to Morocco. The Office answer, received on 25/08, came as to be a prolongation of his detention for another 2 months. Many other detainees receive like him detention prolongations of 2 months, leading to “administrative” detentions up to 1 year. Some ask to be repatriated to their home country.Others are in Belgium since 20 years or more, among them some have families here. This decision towards this Moroccan man has aroused a violent solidarity movement in the centre today. Some detainees started destroying the living room equipment. The Moroccan man has quickly been put in confinment which led other detainees to gather in front of one of the centre directors’ office.
At 2 pm: 32 detainees refused to eat lucnh. 3 police vans arrived and police entered in the centre. The demonstrators, gathered in front of the centre, have been put aside.
At 3pm: 25 violent “robocops” were present. The centre’s direction designated 3 detainees who were then brought in the police vans. A provisory calm is restored in the centre.

“Police is on the scene
Round 2pm, policemen in riot control outfits have entered the centre.Through the mobile telephone of one of the “lodgers”, we could hear part of the intervention, carried out using dogs. According to our witness, policemen have arrested and hit one of the rioters (the one who took on to be the spokesperson of his fellows to the centre’s direction, reporting their precarious living conditions: bad food, insufficient food, smelly toilets etc.).”

Already on 3 May, detainees had protested and had refused to eat what they had been served. Three “leaders” have since been transferred to other centres.

Here are some detainees’ words:

” We ask for more rapid procedures on files in order to avoid long detentions. Some are getting crazy herE. We are detained for months without any reason and without getting any news. The social worker always says yes and never does anything! I think she works for the Office. The guards aren’t respectful (to the eXception of 1), they are mean and racists.”

” We are all in the hands of the Office without any rights: Isn’t this Gestapo?

Medical care is also challenged:
“Some are very sick, have appointments at hospital, wait for urgent surgery. These appointments are never respected and seldom are the ones who are brought to hospital.”
“When someone is very ill, we must insist heavily to have a chance to see a doctor. And when no doctor comes, the centre ends up calling an ambulance when we put the mess (3 times this week!)

We will continue claiming for the closing of these shameful closed centres. These “administrative” detentions are the expression of a European and global repressive approach towards this supposed to be “invasion”.


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