Sea safety Channel 02/03/2020

Hello all.
Seeing weather conditions crossings have not been many in the past month or so.
Yet, this also means more people waiting for crossing this way adding up and potentially bigger wave of crossings in a week or two, when meteo forecast shows nicer (yet not nice) conditions.
So here we share once more this flyers about sea safety that were made by Alarm Phone activists back in winter 2018-2019. As far as it was observed rescuers do come when called, but sometimes it takes longer as people leave from places where it is almost physically impossible they’ll ever reach the UK and/ or can’t provide an exact GPS position.
We strongly not recommend attempt crossing in small boats, yet , because these crossings are taking place, we invite associations on the ground to share security informations as attached and reach back to us if any issue comes up.

flyers about sea safety:





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