Search notice 17/03/2022

This Sunday 13/03, eight “migrants”, probably of Sudanese origin, were taken away by the federal police from a camp in the Arlon/Luxembourg region.
Today 17/03/2022 they remain untraceable despite our searches.
Presumably, none of them has been able to inform a relative or a lawyer.
Supporters on the spot do not dare to intervene for fear of “reprisals” by the police.
It is very possible that the authorities have decided to prosecute them for “human trafficking” and that they have been thrown into prison. 
The criminalisation of migrants through an abusively broad interpretation of “human trafficking” (which according to the law should be for financial gain) is unfortunately not uncommon and is part of the “strategy of terror” put in place by the Foreign Office with the complicity of the police.
We are therefore waiting for the press release glorifying the dismantling of yet another network of “dangerous smugglers”. Among these “dangerous smugglers”, we generally find many migrants who help each other without money and/or a few small hands trying to pay or reimburse their trip… to real criminals. 
The eight Sudanese risk very heavy penalties if they are not quickly identified and located, in order to find them a lawyer specialised in this type of case. Many other migrants are currently in prison on light or inadmissible charges.
According to our information, arrests are going well and many migrants are being sent to prison rather than to closed centres.
Any indication or information on the whereabouts of these people is welcome!
PS : we found a first one in the St Gillis gevangenis
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