Second attempt to deport H to Afghanistan Saturday July 14 : Deported

H is in Afghanistan, secretly accommodated by a friend. Despite the unfailing endurance he has shown during the four years 
he spent in Belgium and the four months in detention centres, he gave up and is not well at all. 

After the deportation of the Afghan boy P on July 9 and ten other young Afghans that have
been deported in the months may and April, Maggy De Block keeps going on.

Hafiz, 24 years old, has been locked up for 4 months in the closed
center at Merksplas. He has been living in Belgium for 4 years already.
His request for asylum was denied. He was arrested on march 12 when he
started a hunger strike together with 60 companions to protest against
the situation of undocumented people in Belgium. He was arrested
immediately and locked up in a closed center. You can listen to the
interview with him here:

He already has refused a first deportation. The police escort has warned
him at the time: “Next time you will be escorted and we shall use violence.”
This phrase sounds like an explicit threat to Hafiz. He is afraid he
will have to undergo serious molestation, just like his Iranian friend,
mr. Muhamed, who was beaten up heavily during his deportation to Iran
(tied to a chair and beaten by 7 police officers).

He also fears for his life in Afghanistan. The aliens police, especially
well informed about the situation over there, says that Kabul is a safe

Nevertheless Hafiz’ brother was murdered by the Taliban a few months
ago. Above that he risks that the Taliban will accuse him of being a spy
for the West. And he is also afraid of being arrested by the Afghan
authorities because he left the country illegally.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to deport him to Kabul via Amsterdam.

BRUSSEL 11.25 KL 1724 Amsterdam
AMSTERDAM 14.30 KL427 Dubai
ABUDABI 03.30 4Q202 Kabul

Hafiz refuses to be deported to Afghanistan. His life will be in danger
there. Only death awaits him there.

We gather Saturday July 14 at 9.20 h. at the airport of Zaventem to
prevent this deportation from happening, by talking to passengers and
KLM personnel as they check in.

Thanks on behalf of those who are imprisoned without cause in these prisons!

If you cannot go:

1. Call, mail or write to KLM and ask that your protest will be passed
on to the pilot.
KLM Belgie tel. 070222466, 070225335, 070222480 FAX
KLM Nederland 0031 (0) 205 459 780, 0031 (0) 4747747

2. Call, mail or write to the offices involved:

Elio Di Rupo, first minister ( / fax 022173328,

Joëlle Milquet, vice-premier and minister of home affairs
( / / fax: 022380129,
025048500, 025048580)

Maggie De Block, state secretary for asylum, migration and integration / )

Freddy Roosemont, director of Aliens police
/ fax: 027939669)

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