Second deportationAttempt of a 16 years old Eritran: Deported

UPDATE 02/09: Phone reporting by Elsa from Rome :
Her deportation:
– She was searched and then tied (hands to the body)
– Escort of 7 policemen
– She was on the plane well before the passengers, they placed her at the back of the plane and she could not see the other passengers (behind a curtain probably)
– She was crying. The police told her to stay quiet. Passengers asked why she was crying but then the police laughed very hard (to hide the cries and make others believe it was laughters)
– The police told her that she was obliged to go to Italy because there she had the right to asylum.


UPDATE Elsa was deported on 23th of August 2018

Elsa, a 16 years old Eritrean, was deported to Rome this morning. She was escorted against her will and despite an awareness-raising action for the passengers at the airport.
The child protection, which prevents their deportation (including those covered by Dublin II), has been denied for her, on the basis of a bone test considering Elsa older.

However, she was considered as a minor by Italy. She called in tears from the Rome police station, fearing that she might be taken to a centre for minors. Thanks to the efforts of everybody, she managed to escape from the centre and is sleeping tonight in a safe home, where she feels quiet and where she will have a little bit of rest.

It’s only a temporary solution. On one hand, we must find here a secure place where to sleep for the next days (we have some possible solutions already, thanks to all of you), and on the other hand, her wish is still to go back to Belgium and become a “Belgian woman”.

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