September 2018: Francken and his carrousel

05/10/2018 Following the decision that Francken would deal with ‘serious transmigration phenomena’, a lot of people retained in centres for sometimes a year have been released to leave space to new people arrested.

Those releases were followed by raids in the whole country and by imprisonments.

It seems clear that the authorities and the Foreigners Office want to show the population that important means of repression are being mobilised, with daily raids on all the territory, ‘for our safety’, so they say.

Francken shows us the extent of his power by deploying his watchdogs (the federal police) in all the train stations of the country. Currently, it is mainly in train stations that raids are being operated so as to make them very visible to the population. These busy public places make the operations much more sensational than when they take place in parkings at night. It is a communication message he is trying to spread through this repressive strategy.


Here are the figures collected by the referents of the closed centres for the platform.

99 imprisonments notified to Getting the Voice Out for September 2018, among which 34 were rapidly released.
65 exiles, arrested through raids at the beginning of September are still being retained in closed centres.

Releases and/or deportations

68 exiles released: 34 who had sometimes been retained for several months in closed centres, 34 released very rapidly. We were also informed that 5 were deported in the context of the Dublin rule, that 1 got the asylum, and another one the subsidiary protection.

And last call by coretainees on 3 October 2018 from Merksplas closed centre: two days ago, an Afghan man, 22, arrested at the Belgian coast several months ago, was driven to the airport by the police… The retainees haven’t heard from him since then!

Last minute O5/10/2018; Razzia’s releasing of people arrested end september ….To make place for others?

This repression also heavily affects families, persons with ongoing asylum requests or undocumented in closed centres.

Here are a few ‘anecdotes’ of these criminal deportations!

H., Rwandaise, subit sa 3ème tentative d’expulsion ce samedi 29/09/2018! Expulsion annulée!!!

Illegal Deportation of a man from guinee to Marocco; Update:Deportated and in jail d in prison!


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