Serial roundups at Brussels-Midi station!

04/09/2023 : On top of the roundups announced by the state, arrests take place daily throughout Belgium, in stations, on public transport, criminalizing people who are trying to find their way in this migratory chaos.

The social model of regularization through work is not an answer. This simplistic analysis of the events at the Brussels-Midi station does not take into consideration the large number of undocumented people who would be excluded from this model, as well as all the other groups concerned.

We must point the finger at the political representatives who choose to apply racist, prolophobic and violent policies and give total freedom to act to the police forces and related authorities.Meanwhile, the Belgian authorities keep filling up the detention centres and deporting people.By doing so, room is made available to lock up other people.

We remind and insist on the importance of supporting the struggle for regularization for all and the abolition of all forms of confinement.Freedom of movement and establishment for all.


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