Sixth expulsion attempt this 26/02/2022 – From forced marriage to expulsion: a new Semira? UPDATE

Update 28/02/2022 :

The young girl, despite the fact that her expulsion got cancelled by the council, was nevertheless expelled with to Bening with an escort. Activists were present at the airport of Zaventem to warn passengers of her situation. Several passengers stood up in the plane to refuse the deportation; they were threatened with being removed from the plane if they wouldn’t sit down. Finally the passengers sat down and the plane took off. On 27/02/2022 , 24 hours after their arrival, we heard that she was still at the police station in Cotonou with her escort, the authorities in Benin questioning this expulsion. The escort continues to put pressure on her to stay in Cotonou. Any political, legal, media or citizen pressure is welcome.

Sixth expulsion attempt this 26/02/2022 – From forced marriage to expulsion: a new Semira?

This morning of 24/02/2022, they want her to take a covid test: she asks why… Suspicious, she refuses. Finally, after insistence, she learns that she will be taken to the airport on 26/02 for a new expulsion attempt to Benin. If she had not insisted, it is likely that she would have been told this news the day before or even the day of her deportation.

The flight number is SN229, departing at 11.25am, to Abidjan and then Cotonou, on Saturday 26/02/2022.

Below is the previous appeal to prevent her fifth attempt at deportation: once again, she found the courage to refuse.

09.02 :” From forced marriage to expulsion: a new Semira?

We learn today, with horror, the detention of a young girl of 17 years and a 5th attempt of expulsion this Thursday 10/02/2021 towards Cotonou.

She arrived in Belgium fleeing a forced marriage in Benin with her uncle on 25/06/2021. As soon as she arrived in Belgium, she was locked up in a closed center. Since then, she has made several requests for asylum, all of which were refused, as her story was not considered “credible”.

A test to verify her age had been requested upon her arrival, which, according to our information, was refused. She is determined to refuse this new expulsion, being very afraid to return to her country and asks for our help.”

*Flight SN 229 to Abidjan and Cotonou 11:25 am on Saturday 26/02/2022.

Let’s meet  at the airport this 26/02/2022 at 9 am to prevent this expulsion. 

Let’s prevent this deportation by writing, faxing, phoning the people responsible for these criminal acts.

Alexander De Croo Eerste minister: +32 2 501 02 11. Email:

Sammy Mahdi Beleidscel en Secretariaat van de Staatssecretaris voor Asiel en Migratie, 02/488.06.06. Email:

Annelies Verlinden Minister van Binnenlandse Zaken: 02/488.05.11. Email:

Monsieur Roosemont, Directeur de l’Office des Etrangers Bur_Presse@dofi.fgov.beT02 793 80 31 – 02 79380 30 (FR) Fax02 274 66 40

Brussels Airlines+32 2 723 23 45

SN Brussels Airlines Fax : 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931Tél : 078 188889 / 027232345 /027232362





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