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Testimony man from Irak detained in closed centre  Audio Here lawyers
My name is Mr Ibrahim.I’m an asylum applicant from Iraq and on 27th March 2015 Icame to the 127bis closed centre.

On the way they deported me to France, it was a Belgian decision, in commissariat under theDublin law to send me back to France anyway.
On the 3rd ofApril 2015 my lawyer was assigned to me by the Legal Aid Council which they get paid  by the boss, and my social assistant she assigned this lawyer for me.

He accepted my case and my social assistant Nathalie sent him my documents, and I’m not satisfied for the points below:

1/ The centre and the lawyer confirmed that he accepted my case, meaning a lawyer was assigned to me. They told me I have a lawyer after 8 days I had been staying in the closed centre, which is not normal.

2/ The lawyer sent an appeal to the court after 12 days and it was not an urgent appeal because the regulation here in the closed centre says if you have 10 days,
before that 10 days the lawyer can apply for an urgent appeal, but he didn’t do it.

3/ The request was very weak and did not involve the main reasons for my appeal, it doesn’t include my full story.

4/ The lawyer was not involved to review my case and there was no strong communication between me and him about my total story. He just came one day, I just saw him, he did not even talk about my story or anything, he just saw the papers he got from my social aasistant and that’s it.

5/The lawyer confirmed to my social assistant that he had sent an appeal to the court on 7th of April 2015, which was only one day before my first flight on 8th April 2015, for sure this is not normal. This has happened to all the people here in this closed centre.

6/ The lawyer didn’t show himself in the centre before my flight to communicate with me or at least call me to tell me : you’re refused, you should do this ordo that, he never told me. Before, all this time I just called him and he was out of office, I found the voicemail, I left messages but nothing …

7/ I’m very disappointed at the way it was in general to treat my life.

8/ My human rights were not respected over the whole line since the start of my detention.

The social assistant says she is just working here and she is just my contact with the lawyer;she is not helping nor trying to help. She says she can not do anything. she just follows the orders and makes her job. She never cares about you, if yo want to pay her to stay here, or to ask help from her; she says she just works here and cannot help you.

The only person that can help you is the lawyer, she does her job and only that. That’s it.

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