Some good and bad news – 27 November 2013

First the bad news

The 17 Congolese at the 127 bis are in mourning: the mother of one of them died yesterday night in Angola. He had not seen her for years and has been retained in the closed centre for several months.

Condolences messages are welcome on, we will forward them to him.

And then the good news

Escape from the 127 bis 

Two man escape from the closed centre 127bis with success this morning

Escape from the closed centre of Bruges

Last month, six prisoners tried to escape. They broke the windows at night, neutralised the alarm and tried to climb over the wall. Three of them hurt themselves and could not rise again. Three others succeded and vanished into thin air. The guards were alerted by the screams of the three wounded prisoners  at the bottom of the wall, one of them had a broken foot. Two of them got released since then.

Release at the 127 bis : one Togolese and one Algerian were released to day

Release in Bruges: a man from Zimbabwe was released after 4 months of retention. Since the Zimbabwean embassy automatically refuses to deliver free pass to its citizens, the man had been brought to the Angolan embassy, then to the Guinean one and finally to the DRC one to try and get a free pass for his deportation. In vain!

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