Suicide attempt at the Caricole closed centre

19/10/2017 : I. cut her wrist in her shower at the Caricole closed centre on 18th October 2017.

She was very bad psychologically for the last two days, she had asked assistance from the medical service and an appointment with the director of the centre, in vain. Desperate, she ended up calling us, first saying that she needed to talk to someone. She was crying, saying she wanted to die, asking us to ring her mum and tell her she loved her. We had said goodbye, talk tomorrow, and she had thanked us. The same day she took action. We would have hoped that the “talk tomorrow” and the “thank you” would at least have relieved her for one day.

I. fled a forced marriage in Morocco. Her father, a “hard Muslim” as she said, wanted to marry her to an old man. She had to pass her BAC2 and thought she could do it here in Belgium. She also likes singing very much. She had sung us a song on the phone at the start of her retention.

“I was in prison in my family and now I’m in prison in Belgium.”
“I had chosen Belgium because it is the country of Human Rights.”

I. could not stand this “administrative” imprisonment. She expected a different welcome.

No to retentions, no to closed centres

RELEASE this young girl, release all th retainees!

Ring the Caricole send them protest emails!

TEL: 027197110/09
Rika Goethaels, Directrice:

Anne Crollen, Directrice adjointe:
Melina Lopez, Psychologue du centre:
Brenda Melis, Attachée:

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