Suicide attempt at the Caricole

Physically and psychologically exhausted by a retention of more than 3 months in a closed centre, he had to confront the CGRA and the CEE that did not react to his call for help. However, his calls could not have been clearer.’Iprefer to die in a Belgian prison that having to go back to Togo’, ‘If they deport me to Togo, it is the same as if they brought an animal to the slaughterhouse!’. The administration just hid behind the following argument’ the elements related to your homosexuality are not convincing, they lack consistency…”. 

His testimony from 01/03:

Terrifed also by all these attempts of manipulation and by these thinly-disguised threats when being shown videos of forced deportation, being told that ‘it’s dangerous for him and that he really should accept a ‘voluntary’ return, that it is still time.” 

It is within this context that on the 14th of March, seeing no solution to this problem, he tried to put an end to his plight. 

On this 15th of March, he still is at the infirmary of the Caricole centre. 

How long will we continue to tolerate this human suffering organised by the authorities in charge?

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