Refugees detention 10/05/2019

10/05/2019: Many arrests this week: Willebroek, Zeebrugge, Tournai, Kortrijk, Gare du Nord in Brussels …
Some are released after identification and issuance of an « order to leave the territory » (OQT), others are maintained in closed centers.

The undisclosed aim of these arrests and short-detentions is :
· to track and identify migrants on our territory,
· to prepare their files for a future expulsion by finding in the Eurodac file the country where they have their fingerprints, the country responsible for a possible asylum application,
· to apply the Dublin procedure in further arrests.

Before, Maggie De Block has already strictly applied the Dublin procedure and is playing the same part now. The only significant difference being an increasing number of Dublin returns in the last 2 months.

Social workers in some centers are now increasingly telling refugees that if they do not take a lawyer, they will be freed sooner. This is obviously not true.
Indeed if some may be freed without the help of a lawyer, others are maintained because their file is ready to organize their deportation.

We strongly recommend that arrested people ask for the intervention of a lawyer who will appeal to their arrest and confinement. The intervention of a lawyer will not change the duration of their detention and may for the most of them allow their release.

Encourage your friend to seek the assistance of a lawyer, while ultimately respecting their choice.

We also remind you the necessary information that we need in case of arrest of one of your guests :

The information (to be sent to will allow us to refer you to a lawyer and update our files to cross the information and finally help the hosts.

Finally do not forget to tell us if your friend is free!


Our MARCH and APRIL figures based on information from hosts and lawyers

MARCH 2019
Arrested and released after a few days of confinement: Without lawyers 4, after recourse to the CCE by lawyers 38

APRIL 2019
Arrested and released after a few days of imprisonment: Without lawyers: 12, after recourse to the CCE by lawyers 70

Return DUBLIN MARCH and APRIL: 24: Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France

Still in detention this 12/05/2019:
Arrested in January 2019: 2
Arrested in February 2019: 4
Arrested in March 2019: 2
Arrested in April 2019: 20

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