Surprise demonstration at the 127bis closed centre : CALL

After a new suprise demonstration in front of the 127bis closed centre this Sunday 22nd April 2018 with a phone number, we have had a dozen of conacts with retainees at the centre.
They describe disastrous situations to us: mistreatments, violence, escape attempts, illnesses, confinement cells, surprise deportations, hunger strikes, racism etc.

‘There are lots of problems here”.
“They are making fun of us”.
“We are in a fish bowl, windows are locked and we are too warm”.
“Thank you very very much”.
“You come to stress people out but you don’t do anything”.
“There are lots of problems with the lawyers whom we do not see and who are asking for money”.

“A Subsaharian man tried to escape two days ago. He climbed the various fences and got caught by the police who drove him back to the confinement cell of the centre, with lots of injuries. He disappeared the day after, probably transferred. Where can he be now?”.

Their main requests are requests for help, for freedom, a lawyer, a visit, a doctor, phone recharges, etc.

We are always astounded when retainees tell us about the awful living conditions of these unacceptable retentions, despite the theoretically possible visits by associations and NGOs!

CALL for volunteers to keep in touch with the retainees.
CALL to finance phone recharges
CALL for new gatherings in front of the 127bis, Caricole, 127bis,Bruges and Merkspas centres
CALL to join us at the Steenrock on 5th May to shout out loud NO TO CLOSED CENTRES!!!

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