Audio : Testimony by an “extremely dangerous terrorist”, dixit Francken (FR)

Our Secretary of State for Aslyum and Migration can see bandits everywhere. He deemed all by himself that Mohamed is THE dangerous terrorist and seeks by all means to deport him without evidence and without appeal. He even publicises his exploits in all the media, until Algeria.
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Here is the testimony (in French) by Mohamed, currently retained in the Vottem closed centre!

Le terrorisme et Francken

– Tell me, are you in the Vottem closed centre?
– Yes I am.

– You have been there for a few days, havent’you? You had been there before, you are suspected to be radical, islamist?
– Yes indeed. At the beginning they came to my house, two months and a half ago or so, they came to see me, I spoke to the police and asked them why they were taking me like that. They answered that I had to leave the territory, that’s all they said. Then when I arrived here in the closed centre, I understood that there was something else because they placed me in a confinement cell.
I always asked the same question, i.e ‘why do you treat me like this?’. They answered that it was coming from Brussels, that they received the order to leave me isolated.
When I could see a lawyer he explained me everything, he said: ‘Here is what they say about you: you are a dangerous man, a radicalist, a terrorist, you belong to a terrorist group etc. and your wife is the first woman who came back from Syria.’ All this with no evidence at all! It really surprised me that they said things without proof, and I didn’t know how to defend myself, which was my mistake. I spent two months here at the centre, then the court bailiff released me at the last minute. The day after my release, journalists asked me whether I could meet them to explain that I was innocent but it was a trap; They told me what the minister had said, that I was a radicalist etc. So I had an interview with the journalists, for around 20 minutes, but on TV I saw that they only took two words of what I said that were positive, all the rest was against me. The real things I said they did not broadcast. So now everybody knows because it was on the news. They made the interview with me, they finished at 12.30 a.m. and it was directly broadcast in the news of 1 p.m. They had already planned the trap. In the news, I saw a well prepared reportage, they had recorded the Minister before me, they did all that against me, which means that even the journalist can not be trusted. Even here in the centre, when I came back the other retainees told me that I fell in a trap, that the journalists got me. Even at my release, the first day they hugged me, saying that I was innocent and this and that, but when they saw the news, they were very astounded and said that what they said about me was not the truth, but at the same time they got scared of me because they thought that if the Minister says something that does not correspond to what you are, we can also fall in the same trap. They are my friends, they walk by my side, so if they say that I am a terrorist, they fear that people will say they also are terrorists, accomplices or belonging to the same group.

– Did the police question you about your terrorism?
– No they didn’t, never. I lived here for 8 years, as I keep telling everyone, I have no record with the police here, it is white as snow as they say. You may investigate on me, for 8 years, you can go to the mosque in Brussels, I spent almost 8 years there at the El Hikma mosque in Forest, ask the people there how I behaved etc. Ask them about my work, I am a scrap metal dealer.

-Why do they believe that you are an extremist?
– Because my wife was arrested once by the federal police of Antwerp. They came to our home, they arrested her because she was with two friends of her, they said that they wanted to leave to Syria. But my wife had her lawyer, his name is Thomas Gilles and he managed to get her free. I stayed in touch with him and I asked him whether my wife had really done those things. He answered that no, she hadn’t done anything at all. She spent many months in prison, then she was released and came back home and we continued living peacefully.

– Francken and the media pretend that you are an extremist. Were you ever questioned? Were you ever judged?
– Never in my life.

– Never. Would you like to be judged? Would you like to come with the evidence etc?
– All I know is that I want justice, I want everybody to come, the journalists, even the cameras if they want to, we let people come and we do justice so that everybody is happy and we know if they speak the truth or not. Because now I am sleeping with this problem, I wake up with this problem. On the one hand I have this health problem and on the other hand I am alone, my wife is far away from me, she left 7 or 8 months ago. She got the order to leave the territory. My family in my village and the people here, they could see all what the journalists had to say about me, that I am a terrorist, I have been very moved by all this… I can not… I can not afford to defend myself, I am considered as a terrorist here… We know the terrorists, the real terrorists, they have a lot of money haven’t they? But why don’t I have money? I have all the troubles to make ends meet and pay my rent each month. My wife suffered with me. Fortunately, her grand-mother  is here, her family, her uncle, her aunt. Each month they give her 100, 200 euros, luckily enough because if not we are dead. If I am a terrorist as they say, why do I go for food assitance?

– They only say that you are a terrorist because your wife was involved, or did they also believe she was a terrorist?
– But why do they say that directly, out of the blue? Why do they say I am a dangerous man without knowing me? They say that they have been following me for three years, without knowing me! Three years!

– Three years? What do you mean?
– They say they have been following me for three years! But if someone is suspected of being a terrorist, a dangerous man, why do they leave him free, why do they not imprison him? Logically it should be like this. If they say that man is dangerous but they let him circulate it is a huge nonsense. Francken tries his best to deport me, whatever the solution might be. According to my lawyer, he even says that I am a drug dealer. He puts all the bad things on me. The most important for him is that he sends me back. The court bailiff who released me was also angry with me. Yes I am a muslim, yes I have a beard, but I am not an extremist. I am a muslim who likes all the religions, all the people. They may investigate on the 8 years I have been living here and they will see that I am kind to all the people. They say that I am preparing minors to go to Syria, but what is left there in Syria, there is nothing left there now. They have accused me of incredible things.

– They put a label on you.
– Indeed, a huge label. I am against the people who left for Syria. You are living here, you don’t know anything about what is happening in Syria and you leave for Syria. Islam is not that. You will not say suddenly that you are a muslim and that you have to do this or that, no, Djihad means to obey your parents, to firstly obey your parents, because when I see parents cry for their children who left for Syria it hurts me, it really hurts me badly. A woman in Verviers came to see me and started to cry. She explained to me that her son who looks like me left for Syria. I felt that she had lost her faith as we say back home, and this is very sad. Here at the centre, they created a special reasoning because I wear a beard. The director and the guards tell me that they follow the orders and that it is not their problem. They got me this way, I can not retort anything. There is another bearded man here. He told me that the guards who see him talk with someone else go to see these people and warn them not to speak with bearded men because they are dangerous, they recruit people to go to Syria.  I have enough of all this. I have faith because I know there are people who understand us, who like us and protect us, they defend us throughout the world.

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