Testimony by Sow, arrested and retained in a closed centre


Testimony on ZIN TV http://zintv.org/Sow-temoigne-depuis-le-centre

We could reach Mamadou Sow by phone. He has been retained since Monday 19th of September in Bruges with 12 other undocumented during a raid by the police in a building in Molenbeek occupied for more than two years by the group “The Voice of the Undocumented”, a group that fights for his rights and campaigns with other groups of undocumented within the “Undocumented coordination”. Sow says that the tough intervention by the police started at 5.30 a.m. with a helicopter, more than 200 policemen arriving with disproportionate brutality and arresting a dozen of inhabitants! After the body search came the handcuffs and the code bar numbers, then the friends were locked in the basement to then be driven to the closed centre in Bruges, obviously passing by the central police casern in Brussels. Handcuffed during hours, they protested but it ended up in them being in confinement cells.
Once integrated in the closed centre, solidarity comes to reinforce the idea that only struggle can make things move in favour of a regularisation.

In collaboration with Sans Papiers TV

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