Testimony received from hosts : 05/08/2018

Over the past few days, we have received accounts of arrests or of calls for help,
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We won’t be able to say that we didn’t know!

6 minors in danger in Antwerp

August 3: a migrant’s call to a host:
There were 6 of them, locked up inside a truck. One of them called us in a panic. We could hear them banging on the vehicle’s doors and calling for help. Assuming they were in danger, we thought we were about to try to locate them.Finally they had the reflex to phone 101. The port police managed to locate them and released them from the truck / container (whose detination was Egypt!). A police officer told the host that they would be released as they were minors.


Arrests testimonys

Friday, Aug 3, in the morning I was present when 4 or 5 young African migrants were arrested. They had probably tried to climb into a truck. It was in the industrial zone of Wauthier-Braine. They were very calm, but surrounded by a totally disproportionate number of policemen (at least 3 vans and more than a dozen armed persons)I don’t know where they were taken to.

Yesterday, around 10pm, at Liège’s Guillemins station. Two undocumented persons from the Sudan were being questioned by 2 conductors –a man and a woman- because their tickets read ‘under-26’, but they had no I.D. to prove how old they were. This was on the IC519 train Ostende-Welkenraedt that had left from Brussels-North. The conductors called Securail: 3 agents that were outside the train searched their belongings and found nothing dangerous. The local police were then called and the 2 migrants were taken to Liège’s central police station.

He was arrested in the area of Bruges. He told me he’d been locked up for 20 hours without food nor anything to drink. This was during an extremely hot week. He was beaten and mistreated by the police; his shoulder still hurts.

Yesterday, around 10pm, A and a friend were arrested by Securail agents. They were taken to a police station. His friend was later released but he’s been taken to a closed center.

Five Afghans were arrested in Blankenberg on 02/08. This 04/08 we no longer have any news. Their télephoons don’t answer anymore. We send a search message to the platforms

The route to Great Britain

These days again many passages to Britain at the risk of their lives



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