Testimony: Six passengers stop a deportation


On 17th of August at 6.40 a.m. from Berlin Tegel I embarked on a flight to Douala via Brussels where I landed at 9.15 a.m. to embark on another flight at 11.00 a.m. foreseen at 10.40 a.m. On that flight, there were more than 200 passengers of diverse origins for the same transit flight. My seat was 14 E. Some time later, and seen the delay of the flight, there suddenly were strong noises coming from the second compartment, i.e from the back of the plane. The first scream was the one of a migrant who was being strangled and choked; and the second scream was the one of women, children and men who were protesting against this inhuman treatment on the migrant. Here I come, passing between passengers to witness the facts and put pressure so that this migrant stopped being strangled, denouncing this mistreatment and asking for him to be released from that plane. Besides, I filmed the facts with my phone so as to use them as an evidence (I have videos and pictures). A few minutes later, the captain is requested to put some order back on the plane. He will decide to disembark the migrant (I published a video on my facebook page to prove it) and ask all the passengers to calm down and go back to their seats to be able to leave at last.
A bit later, we are being pointed at randomly (6 persons including myself and a woman, deputy mayor in Camerun who was humiliated by the Belgian police) and brutally taken to the airport police station where they will seize everything we have. The police will take my phone insisting on deleting several files from it. A few minutes later we will be brought to another police station to be auditioned. We will be placed in detention (24 h) waiting for the decision of the prosecutor. Later in the evening, we will be brought two by two to detention. The day after, in the morning of the 18th of August, we are brought to the police station where we had been auditioned and around 11 a.m. I am the first one being called to sign documents in Dutch, which I will not sign. We simply get the notification to go to trial on 1st December 2016, the same for the other 5 people.

To sum up, we are all being accused of rebellion and will have to go to court on 1st of December.


CISPM/Berlin Voix des Migrants.Tresor.

CISPM/Berlin Voix des Migrants.Tresor.
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