News from the deported 14/02/2014

A lot of deported people come back to Belgium when they are not too far away and/or can afford to, because they have all their friends and family here.

For others however it is hell!

Testimonies of deported Congolese:
A few deported Congolese who can not reveal their identity for fear of retaliation explain us what they may expect at their arrival in Congo.

As soon as they reach Kinshasa, the Congolese are being questioned and kept in a secret place for several days in order to be identified and for the authorities to be sure they are not opponents to the regime. Some of them are badly questioned during several days in a row.

“All the deported Congolese are considered as ‘fighters’ by the authorites until they may prove the opposite.

If they are released at last(on bail), the hassle is not over: they must remain at the disposal of the authorities until they are completely cleared. It may happen that police forces come again to their houses. After their release, many of them immediately leave the country for a bordering country, after having placed their family in a safe place! Almost daily, Congolese people are deported and many of them “disappear” as soon as they land in Kinshasa, either imprisoned or fleeing the country.
And a Top secret documentLire :

A Togolese woman has been deported 15 days ago. It was the third deportation attempt on her. We learnt that she’is doing bad, both physically and psychically. Here is the message by another person deported to Togo concerning her state:

« She is seriously ill! I saw her, she is swollen from her head to her toes! She went to the hospital where she got injections. I told her to go back to the hospital for heart or liver analyses, I don’t know what she suffers from but she should be properly checked and cured accordingly.
She is not doing fine at all! Still in a state of shock, not realising what happened to her. She should not give up!
She mentioned an injection that the escort wanted to give her at the airport, which scared her so much that she did not dare resist anymore in the plane.
So she’s still shocked and her adoptive mother tells me she fears that she commits suicide! Her luggage is still lost!”

These testimonies are very difficult to obtain. They only are the tip of the iceberg! The future of the deported is the least of Belgium and Europe’s worries! 

Here is a series of testimonies that support those of prisoners in closed centres, telling the same facts; which increases their fears of being sent back to hell. One should insist here on the fact that these testimonies are invaluable and very hard to get. However, thanks to the faithful relation we could install we were able to collect them. They only are the tip of a huge iceberg that is much easier to ignore. As far as we know, no deporting authority, in Belgium or in Europe, tries to do this work of  checking the fate of the people they deport, it is the least of their worries, provided they do good business!

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