Text message from an Iranian detainee at 127bis

Text messages exchanged between a detainee at the 127bis centre and a volunteer visitor.

12/12/2010, 20.02

Thanks for your reply. My name is XX. I am Iranian. I speak Persian but I have a translator who speaks Dutch. I’d like to tell you everything very quickly. Please help me.

16/12/2010, 16.58

I was supposed to go to court tomorrow but my lawyer called me to tell me that they have already taken a negative decision one day in advance without me even being there! Is that democracy? Help me please, I don’t have much time left.


I was at the airport today for my expulsion but I resisted so now I am back at the deportation centre. I have a hearing tomorrow. Thanks for supporting me.


Yes this is my first deportation, to the Czech Republic.

17/12/2010, 14.31

No I don’t speak good English. This is a scandal: I haven’t seen a judge, only a cell and handcuffs. I hate Belgium. Please help me, I am an animal or a human? Am I a refugee or a criminal?


My lawyer didn’t come to court so I was all alone. I was locked up for six hours. Is Belgium a member of the United Nations?

21/12/2010, 17.40

Hi ! Do you have any news from the lawyer? He no longer answers my calls.



24/12/2010, 11.44

Hi! The lawyer didn’t look at my case yesterday. I don’t have much time left. Please help me!


My translator spoke to the lawyer. He said: “Call me next Monday”. I don’t think he is very concerned about my case and my problem. I am scared I will be put on flight next Thursday!


I want to go to court and I want to defend my rights. Sorry, I know that you are in the middle of celebrating Christmas and that I am taking up your time. Sorry. Merry Christmas!

28/12/2010, 12.10

Hi! I am going to court on Thursday.


Can I speak in court or not?


My lawyer isn’t responding. If the court grants a negative decision, what can I do?

30/12/2010, 14.11

Hi! I am back from the hearing. I haven’t received a response yet. They are going to decide tonight or tomorrow.


The court’s response is negative but my lawyer says that this judgement was for my release and he told me that there will be another judgement concerning my deportation. But I am scared they will deport me anyway before the next decision is taken. I don’t know what I can do?

31/12/2010, 11.18

I know that you have helped me a lot, thanks for everything, but I am tired, I want to go back, I haven’t seen democracy in Belgium…

On 7 January 2011, XX was deported to Czech Republic and perhaps from there he was deported onto Iran. Belgium is no longer allowed to deport to Iran as it is the first country in the Schegen zone where the asylum request was made that must preside over the decision (in this case Czech Republic). Yet the repatriation of a refugee to the first Schengen country they passed through is often only a stopover measure.

17/01/2011, 22h36

I send XX a message: Hi! Are you healthy and safe? Where?

No response.

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