The absurdity of the Dublin Regulation: The journey of a 67-year-old woman : Eritrea-Romania-Norway-Romania-Belgium-Romania.  

She wanted to leave her country, Eritrea, to join her children and grandchildren living in Norway. On her way, she gave her fingerprints in Romania. When she arrived in Norway, the government decided to apply the Dublin regulation and detain her in a detention centre before sending her back to Romania.

From Romania, she decided to join some friends in Belgium. Once in Belgium, she applied for international protection and was placed in an open centre.

The ‘Office des Étrangers’ discovered that she was ‘dublined’ and locked her up in the Holsbeek detention centre for women. She was again deported to Romania with a Romanian AND Belgian escort on 27/06/2023!

As a reminder, the Dublin Regulation rules the country responsible for a person’s asylum application at European level, based on a whole series of criteria. The criterion most regularly applied is that of the person’s first country of entry into the European Union. The authorities determine this country on the basis of the fingerprints that people have been forced to leave. 
Both Norway and Belgium deported this woman to Romania under the Dublin Regulation, a country in which she was merely passing through.


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