The eviction machine works inexorably.

30 sptember 2023

“They have come to get a friend, ma’am”.

They have come to get an old man from Algeria”.

“They have come to get Congolese men”.

“They have come to get……..”

They have come to get…”

And soon it will be our turn.”

They came for me. They put handcuffs on my hands and feets, put me in solitary confinement and said I would leave tomorrow.”

I have been in Belgium for 40 years, I feel Belgian. And Belgium doesn’t want me.”

We receive these messages every day from angry, distressed and desperate co-detainees.Despite the harsh conditions in which they are held every day, their solidarity remains undiminished.

Without any grace, they are sent back to their “country of origin”, a country that some of them had to flee, a country they sometimes left so long ago or never even lived in, a country where they sometimes no longer have any family or friends. 

Let us prevent these deportations, let us fight against this murderous migration policy.

Killing states


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