The forgotten of Coronavirus

In these times of true risk, acknowledged by the WHO, of propagation of COVID-19, it is urgent to immediately close down all the retention centres, hotspots and open-air prisons, etc. 
Seen the living conditions in prisons and closed centres for foreigners, the precariousness, the weakening the system is imposing to the retainees, and seen that these persons are being confined in closed spaces, it is obvious that the risk of contamination is high, which has to be avoided at all costs. 
The people retained, be it in closed centres, in prisons or any other confinement place, even temporary, should be immediately released. 
Besides, the access to medical care should be free to everyobdy (with or without documents) addressing any of the health structures of the country. 
Over the last days, several retainees have been killed by the State during the many revolts that happened in prisons in Italy. (see also The retainees are claiming their immediate release, amnesty and unconditionnal access to health care.   In France, one case of Corona virus has been confirmed in a retention centre (CRA) in Lesquin, near Lille. The retainees are doing a hunger strike and ask for the immediate release of all the people retained in retention centres.
French petition  “Fermez les Centres de Rétention !”

We are joining their fight and claim the amnesty and release of all the people retained in prisons and retention centres.We continue demanding their definitive closure. 

Fire to all the prisons!

Freedom for all!

Stopdeportation !

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