The Friends of P S (Afghan of 20 years old) detained with him in the Center of Merksplas ask us to intervene to prevent his expulsion to Kaboel the 9 th of July. Deported

We do not have contact with P S. He was isolated saterdaynight to prepare him for his expulsion

Like many he was declared not wanted by our Gouvernement

The Aliens Branch of the Home Office has shown their incompetence to estimete the risks in the countries of origin.
It is the same story for the collective flights to Congo and Guinee, but also to Afhanistan: some of the deported were detained / disappeared at their arrival in their home country.
We know the situation in Afhganistan. Millions of refugees escaped the country to Iran or Pakistan.The majority of the European countries have suspended their expulsions to countries in war, in this way folowing the Conclusions of the UNHCR.
In four cases the Brittisch Gouvernment cancelled a collective flith to Afghanistan because of the savety for the two attendants !!!

P will be escorted on his flight KLM 1720 (from Brussels to Amsterdam) at 06.25 hours the 9th of July 2012, and then from Amsterdam to Bahrein to Kaboel.

An Appointment at 04.15 hours mondaymorning to talk to the passengers they can protest against the involentairy expulsion of P by explaining this to the commander. 

If you do not have the opportunity to go there:
Call write to KLM
tel (0031) 070-222466, (0031) 070-225335
fax (0031) 070-222480

KLM netherlands 0031(0)205459780, 0031(0)4747747

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