The Office des étrangers in counterattack !

The fast intervention team of the Office des étrangers at work

On the 25th of December 2017 around noon : a host brings back two migrants to Brussels. The federal police holds an alcohol control on the highway E40 at Reyers. Because of the presence of the two migrants in the car, the police asks the driver to wait there. One or two hours later, two men out of uniform arrive. The car gets completely searched. The two migrants are taken away and the host is threaten of human trafficking.
“human trafficking”: this information is wrong: Aider une personne sans-papiers n’est pas un crime, mais un devoir citoyen
What are our rights in front of the police?

A cat-and-mouse game
Due to similar controls on the roads and the reporting of controls on the trams and trains, the hosts are playing the cat-and-mouse game with the police. They try to avoid the controls so that their protégés don’t get arrested, or they advise their protégés not to take the road.
The migrants have no interest at all in staying and all they want is to continue their road. The ones that are hold in detention centers are aware of the rumors. They refuse the lawyer that is offered, they refuse to seek their asylum. They only have one request: to get out of these prisons and to be free of movement.
The lawyers, the NGO’s, the hosts are trying their best to explain the rights to the migrants, but the message is rarely heard. A migrant, who has known only repression and traps since his departure, does not believe in his “rights” anymore, does not trust our “state of law”. The only thing he claims is his freedom of movement.

News 27/12/2017 from closed centre 127Bis
At least 10 new people have been placed in a wing of the center. In the second wing there are also many newcomers, but the number is unprecedented.
Sudan, Erithreë, Syria, Ethiopia, …
The center is FULL

News from the closed center in Vottem
Some twenty Sudanese, who have been locked up for months, have “disappeared”. (French)

When will there be a moratorium on the suspension of arrests?
When will a movement resume the demands of those involved: freedom of movement and establishment for everyone.

Video of a manifestation for closed centre in Steenokkerzeel during the mass arrest of Iraqis.

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