The ravages of Belgian migration policies- petition

The father is deported in Teheran, the mother is in the hospital in Mechelen, and their son, 3 years and a half, is in a state of shock. The authorities continue to try to deport the mother ande the sun.

M. Muhamed Ali, his wife Shirin and their son Parsa fled Iran more than a year ago following persecutions. They had discovered that Shirin was on a list of wanted people in Iran with other people, in relation to militant activities.They fled Iran with other people and it was very hard. Some of their friends got to England where they got the asylum.

The family introduced an asylum request in Belgium which was very quickly refused in spite of blatant evidence of persecution in Iran. The family was placed in a return centre in Tubize in view of their deportation. Aware that their lives would be in danger in case of return to Iran, they fled from this house and continued living in hiding.

Mohamed got arrested on the 5th of June and brought to the closed centre of  Merksplas.

The Foreign Office tried to deport him for the second time on June 20th. He resisted (see the interview here) as he didn’t want to leave his wife and son alone, all the more since he knew what was expecting him in Iran.

They brought him there, hands and feet tied.” First they put him in an isolation cell, then on a van, and lastly on the plane. He shouted that he didn’t want to leave. They put toilet paper and tissues in his mouth so that he wouldn’t scream. They banged his head on the van seat. ”

The captain of the plane refused to keep him on board, seen his state. “The pilot refused that he stayed in the plane, he could obviously see that he was very bad, and that he could die on the plane”.

He was brought back to Merksplas in a very worrying state. All the testimonies attest the bad state in which he was after his deportation attempt: swollen face, red and swollen – if not broken- arms, difficulties to walk: a compilation of testimonies of his state are underway.

Several of his co-detainees, his lawyer, several associations and friends had foreseen to lodge complaints, but the necessary assessments and testimonies were vain since  Muhamed Ali was placed in an isolation cell the day after for a new deportation attempt on June 23rd.

It seems that everything was done to avoid these assessments and complaints. Some were put under pressure by the federal police (through phone calls), two doctors had asked for a visit at the centre, one of them got a phone call by the federal police, strongly advising him against that. The airport police made a report of the deportation attempts, it says that “they only “brought” Mohamed on to the plane to hand him to three Turkish police officers! “.

Third deportation attempt on June 23rd: return flight Brussels Teheran 
New deportation attempt under escort and with violence to Istanbul then Iran on June 23rd. His hands and feet were tied and he was hooded. The Iranian authorities refused his entry on the territory since he did not have any let pass or passport, so he was brought back to Istanbul to Zaventem airport during the night.

Fourth deportation attempt on June 24th : imprisoned in Teheran
After the return flight Brussels-Teheran of June 23rd, they kept him at the airport waiting for another flight. He left again on June 24th to Teheran via Istanbul. Hewas allowed to contact his family on June 25th and warned them he was in prison.. Since then, he left the prison under strict control

Shirin the mother was arrested and then brought to the hospital 
Following the barbaric acts inflicted on his husband, Shirin went to Zaventem police station on Sunday 24th of June following the advice of a juge in order to lodge a complaint against these exactions. She wrote a letter of complaint in Farsi (she never got the assistance of any interpreter) and then she got arrested and kept in an isolation cell. It seems that they wanted to put her under pressure to get hold of his son and deport both of them too. After four hours in the cell, Shirin finally got released and the police asked her to sign an order to leave the territory (in Flemish, still without an interpreter), which she refused. In this desperate situation, upon return Shirin tried to commit suicide and is currently in the hospital.

Parsa , the son of three years and a half was taken care of by friends and he is in a deep state of shock.   

The lawyer made an appeal to the Foreigners Lawsuit council against the refusal of Muhamed Ali and his wife Shirin’s asylum request and he lodged a complaint, with the elements she has in her posession.

It seems that they keep going at them. The Foreign Office rang the hospital to inquire about Shirin’s state and about the date she could leave the hospital.It seems that all the acquaintances of this family are being put under pressure by the Federal police. They feel that the Office absolutely want to get hold of the mother and his son in order to deport them.

It is obvious that the fate of this family if  deported to Iran is more than uncertain

We ask the authorities to put an end to this and to contact the Iranian authorities and to repatriate Muhamed Ali so that he can be with his wife and son in security in our country

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