The return of the deported

We have more and more contacts with deported people who, as soon as they arrived to their country of origin gave themselves the means, within a few months, to do the return trip and come back here.

«  They have got their friends and family here and they decided that their lives was here.’

Since their return they have been living in clandestineness with the help of their family, friends, neighbours, landlords and sometimes even their boss.

Their life here is not easy but for them it makes much more sense to live here than in their country of origin that they sometimes barely know and where they almost do not know anyone and have no financial resources.

Others do not have this possibility, they live cloistered, sometimes hidden in a country that doesn’t want them either. They watch out for any possibility to flee to a country where they could live and be free, to cross the borders that have been locked up by Europe and its army named FRONTEX.

Despite the construction of Fortress Europe, with its very sophisticated repressive system, the human being will continue to grant himself the choice of life and freedom where he wants to and as he wants to. «

An illegal immigrant

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