“They want you to die” (FR)

Mr A is Cameroonian. He has been living in Belgium for 5 years. He is seriously ill and went through two serious throat surgeries. He still has difficulties to speak. The Office want to send him back to Spain. (Dublin).http://regularisation.canalblog.com/archives/2015/02/08/31490223.html

He went through a second deportation attempt on the 9th of February 2015. He refused again and was beaten by the police at the airport.

Audio testimony here (FR)

Here is the transcription of Mr A’s interview on 12/02/2015.

How is it going on with the doctor now at the Caricole centre? 

When I arrived to Caricole, I had a medical card which proves that I had a surgical operation and was hospitalised. I have all the papers, all the evidence, and I showed them at the Caricole. I told them that I am disabled, that I should not be here normally because I got a surgery. They didn’t take it into consideration. They left me here, and when they tried to expel me to Spain, I resisted. The policemen beat me, they trampled over my neck, my head and my chest, where I got the surgery. They sent me back to Caricole. No doctor took care of me. The day after (10th of February), I asked to see a doctor, I consulted one and told him everything, how I was beaten at the airport. The doctor didn’t give me anything to relieve the pain. Hence, since Monday I haven’t even eaten because the pain was too strong. The same for today, I tried to eat but this morning I had too much pain so I couldn’t eat. Since they beat me on Monday, it is only yesterday that the doctor gave me pain killers. I have been living here (in Belgium) for 5 years, I follow my treatment here, I had two surgeries. I don’t know anything about Spain. Why do they want to expel me to Spain? If they beat me to bring me there, it means that when I arrive there they will perhpas already have arranged everything for people to kill me? I don’t know what to think.

Do you also see a social assistant in the centre? 

I asked to see one yesterday but I didn’t see any. She didn’t pass by to check the situation, to see how I was since I have been back from the airport. When I arrived to the centre, they told me that if I had a problem, if I was sick or anything I could go and see her. But she never came since I’ve been back from the airport. I asked to meet her yesterday but I was not allowed to.

Did you tell the doctor that you would like someone from outside the centre to come and consult you? 

They refused. Some people are telling you that you are cured, that you may go back, but it is not true! If they can beat you and after three days no one comes to consult you it simply means that they want you to die. Since how many days have I been beaten at the airport, explained everything to the doctor etc… they didn’t give me any  medicine. They did not give me anything, it means that they don’t care, they absolutely don’t care!! I suffer so much…

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