Things kick off in the centres!01/07/2014

Merksplas :
Two detainees on a hunger strike for 8 days have been in solitary confinement since then.

For 19 days, an Indian man detained in Vottem has been on hunger strike. Four days ago, he also started a thirst strike. His health is extremely poor today.

He is an asylum seeker. He fears his deportation to a country he fled from following persecutions linked to his political affiliations. His asylum request was refused but procedures are still ongoing. His life would be threatened if he was deported, but it also is now seen his poor health state. He has been living in Belgium since 2008. He really likes our country where he built himself a new life and new relationships.

Other people also do hunger strikes in Vottem, notably one Afghan and one Haitian.

127 bis :
At 127bis, two young Palestinians from Gaza started a hunger strike a week ago. They denounce an asylum and immigration policy that violates human rights.
At the 127 bis, it is Ramadan time for most prisoners. Two or three of them are not concerned by it and one systematically disrupts the life
rhythm of the others. The detainees reported the situation to the director of the centre but nothing changes. They are wondering whether this
troublemaker is not there on purpose.

Bruges :
Women are appaled, they are tyring to send messages but censorship rules. ‘If they knew I am ringing you they would take away my phone!’

N.B.: The Indian detained in Vottem got released today.

An occupation by 100 undocumented people has started in Molenbeek. Among them, a woman with two children got arrested at the Foreigners’ Office! We are waiting for some news.
Beware! Never go to the Foreigners’ office when asked to, and never bring children with you because in that case arrest would be guaranteed!!

Testimonies by ‘visitors’

– ‘I know your website very well. I even sent an email in March when my Guinean boyfriend who was detained in Merksplas at the time almost got deported on a military flight. (It made a lot of noise by the way). After 4 months, my boyfriend got released but the situation is still very difficult. When it is clearer, I will go and take apart these damned centres stone after stone. In the meantime, I denounce and report as soon as I can’.

“Yesterday, June 24th, S., a Guinean boy of 30 years old, orphan, without family in his home country, got deported in a very barbaric way…
It was the 5th deportation attempt and unfortunately the last one. After six months spent in a closed centre.
S. is diabetic, he has hepatitis and his health state is extremely weak. The State will have tempted everything to deport him. In March, 4th deportation attempt: he is beaten up by the guards of the centre, so much that when he comes back from the airport, he can not move his head anymore.
In May, he is being “offered” one year treatment if he voluntarily goes back to his home country.
Beginning of June, he is being told he will be on a flight on June 26th. Nothing more after that, radio silence. When he tries to know he gets no answer.
June 25th, 2 p.m. He is brought to solitary confinement. No news from him anymore.
This Friday 10 p.m. I finally manage to reach him. He is Conakry. He was escorted by 10 policemen to the plane.
S. was tied, handcuffed like a criminal during the whole flight. He almost suffocated because his chest was constricted against his knees. Lenght of the flight: 6 hours.
S. went back to his home country to die there.
What a shame to be Belgian!

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