Four violent deportations attempts in 36 houres for Mounir: deported

Mounir should have been deported by our Office of Shame on 31 January.

They had used considerable resources: raid of 15 police officers, some of them in plain clothes, the night before at the closed centre of Vottem, he was beaten, scotch-taped and handcuffed. They violently put him into a van to the airport. Some of the detainees were shocked (it was most obviously the aim of the expedition). It was the third deportation attempt on Mounir.

At 6 a.m they put him on the Alitalia flight to Rome. He resisted so hard that the captain refused this passenger and his escort on his plane. Someone was at the airport at 4 a.m but he/she was badly intimidated by a civil man and then by the police so he/she decided to leave the place after having been able to speak to a few passengers.

The Office had decided that he had to leave. Mounir was put again with his escort on another flight with Tunis Airlines at 12:30 a.m. There again, he resisted and the passengers who seemed well aware of these processes loudly refused this deportation.

Mounir was brought back to the closed centre of Vottem this evening 31/01.

We must continue to resist these imprisonments and deportations. We must continue to go to the airport to explain everything to the passengers. We have noticed that more and more passengers are aware of the situation and that they do not accept these processes, hence deportations very often fail thanks to their reactions.

The State and its Ministers implement considerable means to satisfy a certain public opinion, publishing unverifiable figures to prove their efficiency.
The Foreigners Office has become a State within the State, using all possible means to satisfy our politicians.

The Human Rights defenders let them proceed and do not say a word.

Be it in prisons, in closed centres, in psychiatric hospitals, on the street etc, the freedom to breathe is only allowed to those who are ready to shut up in order not to lose their privileges… and the others can just die!



This morning, 7 a.m, closed centre of Vottem
All the detainees were locked in their rooms, their phones confiscated, while a police cohort had come to take Mounir by force and bring him to the airport!
It is his fifth deportation attempt! We don’t know on which flight. Yesterday they tried twice!!!!!
It might be the flight of ALITALIA 12:00 a.m or 02:00 SN airlinep.m to Rome!!!
Mounir rang us: he will give up and leave them deport him. He is totally worn out!
Finally ALITALIA refused to take Mounir but SN Airlines deported him: He has been strached, gagged and handcuffed and the little resistance from the passangers did not help

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