Third deportation attempt on 25/01/2016: Deported

26/01 Update:

Ils étaient plusieurs à l’aéroport pour parler aux passagers. Les passagers semblaient réceptifs et certains assuraient qu’ils n’allaient pas accepter que Rhama soit expulsée. Rhama était accompagnée de 4 policiers , 3 hommes et une femme; Ils l’ont bloqués sur un siège à l’arrière de l’appareil, 2 policiers étaient placés devant elle, deux derrière elle. Des discussions ont été entamées par les passagers avec le commandant de bord. Suite à cela le commandant est venu voir Rhama à l’arrière de l’avion et a décidé de participer à cette expulsion . A son arrivée à Casablanca Rhama a passé plusieurs heures au commissariat pendant lesquelles les flics marocains l’ont questionné et requestionné. Rhama a été relachée au petit matin.


On 16/11/2015, 8 undocumented people made an action again to claim their access to these bloody papers. They climbed two cranes in Brussels. They were arrested and four of them are still being retained in our closed centres.

Rhama was one of them. She has been living with us for 8 years and has taken part in the undocumented’s fight and was twice on long hunger strikes before trying her luck and climbing the crane. For two months she has been retained in the Bruges closed centre. Her health is really bad and she suffers a lot in the centre because she doesn’t always get the medecine she needs.

The Foreigners Office will try to deport her for the third time to her ‘country of origin’ i.e. Morocco. Even though she will go to court this Monday 25th of January for a release request introduced by her lawyer, the Office planned this third deporattion to Casablanca on that same day on flight AT 833 operated by Royal Air Maroc at 4.40 p.m.

Call to meet at the airport on Monday 25/01/2016 at 2.40 p.m. to inform the passengers about the likely presence of Rhama and her escort on their flight and explain to them that they have the right to oppose to a forced deportation on their flight to the onboard staff.

Seen the possibility that the flight is postponed again (so we hope), and to avoid useless travels, we invite you to follow our updates on gettingthevoiceout.

As for now, please start sending protest faxes and emails to the people responsible for these criminal acts and their collaborators!

Royal Air Maroc
TEL : 027215050
FAX :027256292

F. Roosemont
Directeur de l’Office des Etrangers
T02 793 80 31 (NL – EN) – 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40
Charles Michel
Premier Ministre
Tél: 02 501 02 11 Fax: 02512 69 52
Jan Jambon
Vice Premier Ministre et Ministre de l’Intérieur
tél: 02 504 85 13 Fax:02 504 85 00
Theo Francken
Secrétaire d’Etat à l’Asile et la Migration
Tél: 02 206 14 21–
Didier Reynders
Téléphone : 02 501 85 91

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