Third deportation attempt via Brussels to Conakry 25/06/2013: deportation failed!


Mr Bah is back!
Yesterday, the Dutch immigration service tried to deport mr Bah for the second time to Guinea and once again, the deportation failed!
He was taken to Brussels Airport by two blinded busses, one with him, the other one empty (apparently, they tried to fool activists). He was in a very bad condition, he is in hungerstrike for more than five weeks now.
Although the Dutch IND doctor declared him fit to fly (without even seeing mr Bah), the Brussels airport medical service examined him and concluded that he was in such a bad condition that he was not fit to fly and the air company refused to take him on board.
He was back at the penitentairy hospital in the afternoon.

We’re very very happy that mr Bah is back, but we also feel so sorry for him because they keep on dragging him from here to there, which must be exhausting in his condition.
He called me this morning, he wants to thank everybody who helps him in any way. If people want to send postcards to mr Bah (and mr Koulibaly, who is at the detention hospital as well, in hungerstrike as well and also from Guinea), you can send cards to this adress:

dhr. Bah / dhr. Koulibaly
PI Haaglanden, Justitieel Medisch Centrum (JMC)
Postbus 87810
2508 DE DEN HAAG, the Netherlands

Thank you all!!

Third deportation attempt via Brussels

SN 205 11h25 Conakry with escale in Dakar

Meeting airport Brussels 9h25

Fax  SN airlines

Fax = 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931 Tél : 078 188889 / 027232345 / 027232362

Tomorrow, tuesday 25th of June, the Dutch immigration service will try for
a second time to deport mr Bah. Mr Bah comes from Guinea and has been in
hungerstrike for the last six weeks, protesting against migration policy
in the Netherlands. He plays a key-role in the discovery of the Guinea
LP’s, falsified by Dutch immigration service. His own papers have clearly
been fotoshopped.
Last week, state tried to deport him. He resisted in the airplane
Amsterdam-Paris, by explaining his situation to the passengers (too weak
for physical resistance because of the hungerstrike) but none of the
passengers reacted. Dutch military police tiewrapped his wrists and
anckles, slipped belts through the tiewraps and carried him like this. In
Paris, they asked for assistance from the french military police, who
refused because, I quote: they wouldn’t even carry animals like this.
In the plan from Paris to Conakry mr Bah resisted again and this time it
was succesful. The passengers started to protest, the pilot refused him on
board and he was brought back to the Netherlands and the detention
hospital again.

Tomorrow, he will be brought by car from Scheveningen to Brussels. On
Brussels Airport, he will be brought to flght SN 205, departure 11:25am
from Brussels to Conakry. As his resistance was succesful last time, we
expect the guards to show even more repression this time.

We call on our brothers and sisters activists in Brussels to protest
loudly against this deportation and try to inform passengers of the same

groupe Deportation Resistance

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