Tuberculose in closed centre in Brugge

  Inmates in a wing of Bruges detention centre warn us


Detainees at the Bruges closed centre have informed us that one of their detainees was recently placed in medical isolation because he tested positive for tuberculosis. 

The person had been ill for a long time and was transferred to hospital for examination a few weeks ago. The detainees told us that a tumour had been found in his lung on an X-ray. So the management should have suspected the presence of this infectious disease. 

No precautions were taken after the X-ray. The person returned to the group, ate, slept and lived close to his fellow inmates and no appropriate care was provided. 

Finally, the detainee was diagnosed with tuberculosis and the guards came to get him with masks to put him in medical isolation. 

The detainees are very worried. They are very afraid that they were infected and all want an X-ray. 

They complain of the total lack of medical care. When they ask to see a doctor, they are systematically told “he is not here”. When they asked the nurses for help, some of them replied “I don’t understand French”.

Detainees tell us: 

“They leave people sick until they die? “

“They lock us up. They don’t kill us, but they let us die slowly. “

 “He is not a doctor here, he is a veterinary ” 

 “All diseases are treated with paracetamol.”


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