Turn over in the closed centre

Heavy repression of a demonstration of Afghans today in Brussels

170 very violent , many of them will be bring tomorrow to the closed centers.

Today there were 50 Afghans in detention centers which 15 were arrested during a previous demonstration , 25 others were released due to an appeal to the courts .

Due to the demonstration and arrests today many new Afghans will be send  to that detention centers .Een equal number of people will be released with an order to leave the country  and will disappear into the underground world , to make space for the arrested Afghans.

Soon there will be only Afghans in the closed centre, due to their large protest movements. (600 places)

Detentions in the closed centre are be used as threats , threats of deportation , threats of oppressions.

Mug to, disappeard, is the message send to the undocumented people.

Destroy the closed centre!

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