Two collective expulsions to Albania: one Frontex flight and one Belgian flight carrying ‘8 Albanian criminals’


The Belgo-European deportation machine struck hard again this week. Europe has no frontiers whent it comes to racits policies and the hunt for immigrants.
Let’s remind in that context that Albania had introduced their application for membership to the European Union in 2009 but the status of official candidate was only recommended in October 2012. The reasons: “unstabilised democracy” and non-compliance with 12 points that the EU considered absolutely necessary. Among those, the judiciary and the fundamental rights; points for which (even) the EU considers that considerable efforts remain to be made. The same goes for the strand ‘Justice, freedom and security’. And if so says the EU… Would things have changed that radically in a few years?

FRONTEX: The flight took place on January 29th, coordinated and co-financed by the European Agency FRONTEX, deporting 50 people to Albania. 

This deportation is the result of a perfect collaboration between different Member States of the EU, since they embarked 22 men arrested in France, 18 people after a raid in Germany, notably 3 women and 9 children, and 8 men imprisoned in Belgium and in Denmark.

“French and German embassies: “Repatriations will continue”
After repatriating 50 Albanian citizens who had not respected the Schengen area rules, the German and French embassies published a joint  press release, saying that their countries will not stop that process. The number of these joint  repatriation flights has not been reduced, and, according to the  declaration, it will not decrease because these citizens with illegal  residence permits are trying to immigrate for economic reasons, which neither  of these two countries can accept.
The declaration says that  “the asylum request should not be misused. It is strictly reserved to  the real political refugees. The refugee status will not be given for  economic reasons”.The French and German embassies say they  cannot accept that these procedures are avoided, since it damages most  of the Albanian citizens, who respect them.”

One thing to be noted is that subsidiary protection for example seems purely and simply non existent. Besides, it is not surprising to find out that States which are ready to spend billions to save banks refuse any collusion between economic and political reasons when it is about the life of immigrants.

A SECOND BELGIAN AIR CONVOY left on January 30th, as announced by workers of the closed centres

They were gathered as usual at the 127bis closed centre on the days before, they were placed in solitary confinement and brought handcuffed under escort to the airport of Melsbroek to then take a military flight to Albania.

Francken, the Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration in Belgium declares:
“Eight Albanian criminals accompanied by 16 police officers have been deported to Albania.”
In his communiqué, Francken adds juicy details on their perfect integration here: “the Albanians who were repatriated were living illegally in our country and they all had been involved in facts of burglary, shoplifting or offenses against honour” (see the excerpts of the article published in Het Laatste Niews here below).
We can see that they are again using a strategy of divide and rule: the good who respect the rules and the others, the bad, the ‘criminals’. We may incidentally wonder whether the use of the term ‘criminal’ is relevant. A crime being a breach of the law which usually requires more than 5 years imprisonment and depends on the criminal court?
“Francken informs us, through Het Laatste Nieuws, that he allowed the departure of two charters to Tirana with ‘illegal Albanians’ on board. On Friday, an Embraer of the Belgian army landed in the Albanian capital city. On board, 8 Albanian criminals and 16 pollice officers. The repatriated Albanians were living illegally in our country and were all involved in facts of burglary, shoplifting or offences against honour. On Thursday also, the Foreigners Office put 8 illegal Albanians on a plane in view of their repatriation to their home country!’

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