Unrest and repression in the Belgian closed centres!22/01/2013


Fifteen days ago: the riot police organised a raid with dogs in the closed centre. They were very harsh and beated the detainees event in the centre’s mosk. Some detainees showed resistance and 6 of them were put into an isolation cell during 7 days.
The detainees sent three claims to the management in the form of joint letters, they never got any answer.

“We know the law”
“Something is going to happen”
“This is racism”

15 Guineans live in Vottem on 23 January. One of them was handcuffed as soon as he arrived there and he got an injection by force. Fear prevails. They do not know what is going to happen (charter flight?).

The other detainees are appalled: self-mutilations, suicide attempts, etc. One week ago, a Tunisian man cut his throat, arms and belly open. They took him away but he never came back.

Others resigned themselves and accept a “voluntary return under escort”; the new way back!

Another one was subjected to a first deportation attempt: he stayed from 9 a.m till 9 p.m at the police station in the airport without being given anything to eat or drink. “It is not a hotel here” said the policemen.

“Bad things happen every day”
“We are going to burn it all”
“You speak, you’re isolated in a cell”
“There are no more laws for us”


A woman who was released tells us that it is hell in 127bis but she doesn’t dare to say more…

and other news: http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/news-from-the-centres-january-2013/

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