Update 27/09/2018 / worth reading if one of your friendshas been arrested


Arrests have been happening at a fast pace lately. They are being arrested by dozens, night and day. We count a lot of releases too.
It is the new strategy implemented by the Foreigners Office. They chose to operate loads of raids through the country, to arrest all the migrants present, to bring them to the new sorting centre in Steenokkerzeel, to file them, and after 24 sometimes 48 hours, to retain them in one of our closed centres or release them.
Some of the retainees will be released after 5 days in average for no apparent reason. This strategy allows to file all the exiles present on the territory according to a process used in ecology, i.e in order to know how many they are, it is called the CMR system (capture – mark- recapture) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_and_recapture

A climate of terror settles among the exiles. Loads of exiles are being retained without judgement and with no appeal possible against this retention lasting several days sometimes.
It will enable the Foreigners Office to cheat on the figures, citing the number of arrests (knowing that some exiles are arrested several times) and therefore exaggerate the migration phenomenon. The end in itself: show a certain efficiency to the electorate and exaggerate the number of exiles on the territory.

Practically, all these reforms generate waves of panic among the hosts and the exiles; which is one of the aims looked for. Lawyers are overloaded and it is almost impossible to introduce legal appeals against these arrests and retentions within the 5 or 10 legal days.
Gettingthevoiceout and the referents of the platform try to answer all the requests but they are also overloaded.

In all this chaos, the process to report your host remains the same and for the teams of Getting and the referent volunteers who manage the groups of each centre as well. We therefore thank you to hold on to your determination to get news of your friends and to offer them the necessary support, gentleness and patience ?. To deal with 10 or 50 calls a day is not the same, however it is the same persons who are dealing with it. Lawyers are also overloaded. It is therefore very frequent for us not to be able to find one who is available.

And from a host
To sum up
heads up, hearts down and raised fist! Yallah!

General informations here: http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/information-for-the-hostsfriendsfamilies-in-case-a-migrant-friend-is-missing/

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