Urgent and worrying deportation 2 novembre : FREE!

He resist, hands and feets bound, his deportation attempt. His wife and daughter were (alone!) at the airport to talk to passengers. The passengers refused to sit down. Finally, the captain decided not to expel him on his flight! Mr. N was released from the center on 9/11.

Mr  N is Algerian. He has been living in Belgium since 2004.He has a 3 years old daughter and he is living with her and his wife. He was arrested in September and imprisoned in Vottem.
The first deportation attempt already was a violent one. It is only after the intervention of a few passengers on the plane that the captain asked for N to be disembarked.

They will again try to deport him tomorrow Friday November 2nd at 2 p.m to Algiers. Mr N wants to stay next to his wife and their daughter. His wife is distraught.

Let’s meet at the airport at noon to talk to the passengers or fax /email/tel to :

Air  Algérie (Bruxelles) vol 2061 vers Alger 14h
Boulevard Adolphe Max 103
1000 Bruxelles
02 218 61 63

NB :The lawyer has made an extreme urgence appeal to the court that could cancel the flight at the very last minute! The audience is taking place today! Follow the news on

You may also write to
M. F. Roosemont,  pour faire pressio.
directeur général
T 02 793 80 31 (NL – EN) – 02 793 80 30 (FR)
F 02 274 66 40


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