URGENT call from the Caricole closed centre 06 July 2016: UPDATE

update 8th of July – the second family is composed of a mother and 3 children legally residing in the US for 10 years. Today the 3 children were brought to friends of the mother in Liège. The mother still is at the Caricole and theyare planning to deport her tomorrow, Sunday, to the United States. She will refuse to leave without her children!
Update 7th July: A second family with three children arrived yesterday; a woman and three children, legal residents in the United States, arrested  at the airport. Both families left the centre today but we don’t know where they have been brought to.

URGENT call from the Caricole closed centre 06 July 2016

Several persons retained at the Caricole closed centre inform us today about the presence of a Palestinian family with three children, the youngest being 8 months old.The people retained in the centre are the ones the Foreigners Office ‘chose’ among many others in view of their deportation to the country through which they arrived or to their country of origin.

A lot of retainees are subject to the decisions by the courts and they do not dare to protest against injustice. But when they see children, old people, handicapped people, etc. they cannot help themselves and stir up scandal. They can’t resist.

Retainees are telling us:
« Children should not be retained. »
« It’s a prison here, not a centre. It’s not our place here, and even less the one of kids.”
« We should say it loud, everybody has to know, it is absolutely outrageous”.

Several associations warned of these retentions ask us about the situation of this family before taking any step.

Absolutely no situation may explain the retention in closed centres.

Let’s prevent these retentions, all the more the one of children!
Let us show some solidarity!

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