URGENT Several actions/demonstrations against closed centres and hot spots

  • 19/09/2015 Arrest and transfer in closed centres of 12 undocumented persons of the VSP and the Collectif Ebola during the eviction of Molenbeek’s occupation.

Demonstration this Wednesday 21th September 2016 in front of the Foreigners Office, against the closed centre, and for their release. http://sanspapiers.be/

  • In commemoration of Semira Adamou, assassinated in 1998 by the police during their 6th deportation attempt.

-22/09/2016 Brussels Demonstration “Semira Adamu, 18 years later … nothing has changed!”

12 a.m. in Arts-Loi in front of Francken’s cabinet. Reading and lodging of the claims; Speakers: Mrax, La Coordination des Sans-papiers, Crer, Fgtb, Csc, Sos Migrant and other solidary signatory associations .

2 p.m. departure (march – parade) until the Foreigners Office; reading and lodging of the claims.

5 p.m. (after the demonstration), we could meet at Toestand to share a coffee and exchange opinions on the undocumented struggle, situational analysis. (Table d’hôte dinner for Dieng and Hamed, prepared by undocumented cooks).

-25/09/2016 ‘Faites du vélo, pas des centres fermés’ , bicycle trip to the 127bis closed centre on the initiative of Crer. http://regularisation.canalblog.com/archives/2016/09/12/34313886.html
More info on Semira: http://ccle.collectifs.net/-Semira-Adamu-

  • 28/09/2016 European collective deportation to Guinea Conakry, organised by Belgium and announced by Theo Francken. Actions to be conceived.


  • 01/10/2016 FROM PARIS TO CALAIS –– SOLIDARITY with the migrants!Call for initiatives by CISPM – International coalition of undocumented and migrants–Demonstration in Calais’ jungle and in the retention centre of Coquelle

Against closed centres, against hot spots, in favour of a world with no borders

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