Third attempt deportation 18/01/2014 : Update: deportation refused by a hospital doctor


Update 18/01/2014 Mrs K was brought under escort to the 127bis closed centre in Steenokkerzeel the day before her departure. Around 7 p.m she noticed that she was losing blood. She warned the staff of the centre. She was told ‘this is nothing, it happens to all pregnant women!’. She did not see a doctor, she was just given pills to sleep.

A few hours later she was still losing blood, a lot of blood. She started to scream, begging them to call an ambulance: the staff of the centre panicked and rang the emergency services. She was brought to the hospital with the security services of the centre. After the necessary exams, the hospital doctor refused that she’d be deported the morning after. The members of the security services insisted, arguing that ‘it was absolutely obligatory that she left’. The doctor had to heavily insist for them to accept the certificate forbidding the journey.

She was brought back to the retention centre of Steenokkerzeel during the night, and in the morning of the Saturday to the closed centre of Bruges. She is fine and the baby too. She thanks you all for your support! The haemorrhage had been caused by stress.

It is to be noted that during 24 hours no one got news from Mrs K: neither her husband nor her co-detainees. Everybody was extremely worried seen the heavy risks linked to this forced deportation. It is only on the Saturday afternoon, after 24 hours, upon her return to the closed centre of Bruges that she was given back her mobile phone and that she could warn her husband.

The Foreigners Office at the service of France?

Mrs K has been living in France with her husband for 9 years. She is working there and everything is in order except that she still doesn’t have ‘papers’. She is four months pregnant. Her place of residence in Paris is written in her Moroccan passport.

She came to Belgium to visit a friend hospitalised there. She got arrested during a control.

Mrs K has been retained in the closed centre of Bruges since more than one month and she will go through her third deportation attempt to Rome and then Casablanca this Saturday. She had lodged a complaint against police brutality during her second deportation attempt and this time they will use all the possible means to get rid of her! That’s the promise they made to her!

Her lawyer introduced an appeal for her release but it will be on Monday 20 January, after her deportation!

All that she wants is to go back to France to end her regularisation process that she will get lawfully. If she returned to Morocco she would be rejected by her family because of her pregnancy.

Flight Rome 18 January 2014 Brussels Airlines 7:30 a.m Airport at 5:30 a.m to speak to the passengers.

Let’s flood the mailboxes and fax machines of the persons responsible as from now! Fax = 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931 Tél : 078 188889 / 027232345 / 027232362 -Monsieur M. F. Roosemont, Directeur de l¹Office des Etrangers : T 02 793 80 31 (NL ­ EN) ­ 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40 , -Monsieur Elio Di Rupo, Premier ministre : // Fax 022173328, 025126953 -Madame Joëlle Milquet, Vice-Première ministre et Ministre de l¹Intérieur :, / Fax: 022380129, 025048500, 025048580 -Madame Maggie De Block, Secrétaire d¹Etat à l¹Asile, à l¹Immigration et à l¹intégration sociale, adjointe à la Ministre de la Justice : Tél 02 542 80 11 // Fax : 02 542 80 03

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