Violence and a hunger strike at the detention center of Bruges – 25/02/2014

UPDATE: 25/02 19:00: the effectiveness of repression: calm returns to the detention center of Bruges: Some placed in solitary confinment, groups of cops  with dogs. “Resisting was impossible” say the prisoners.

25/02 10:30: The police is in the center with dogs. A dog has bitten a detainee. The police took away four prisoners considered “leaders”. “We are very disappointed of Belgium” said a prisoner.

On the evening of 24/02, a detainee had to be brought into isolation for deportation. Other inmates insisted to be able to say goodbye.
The guards did not appreciate this and became very violent. They beat the detainee who was to be expelled and other inmates who protected him. One inmate allegedly has a broken arm after the violence.
“The guards were all very violent” says one of them. This morning (25/02) prisoners in the C-wing of the center of Bruges have decided to  start a hunger strike, in protest against the violence!
“It’s very hot in here this morning. Journalists have to be warned. The outside world has to know how we are treated in here”

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