Violence in closed centres: doctor and guards: testimonies

07/02/2019:’I was waiting to see a doctor. The latter and two nurses were busy examining a Sudanese man for a strong pain in one arm (probably broken). The man in pain was with another Sudanese who was translating from Arabic to English. I was waiting for my turn.I was in the room next door and the door was open. When the doctor asked him to move his arm, the Sudanese answered that he couldn’t and I heard the sound of a slap in the face. That’s when 4 or 5 guards came running, thinking that the doctor had been kicked. When noticing that the doctor was not the victim but the perpetrator, the guards burst into laughters before getting back to their occupations.’

The facts:

Thursday 31 January: while they were trying to oblige A. to leave his fingerprints and he refused, he was violently shaken by 5 guards who wanted to carry him away by force; One of them broke/sprained his arm and he could not move his hand after that. He was placed in confinement cell until the end of the following day. The altercation happened in front of everybody in wing B. Two other Sudanese were taken by force to leave their fingerprints, threatened with being beaten like the first one if they refused.

Following that event, a few dozens of retainees started a hunger strike which was very rapidly repressed.


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