Visit of an accredited NGO at the 127 bis closed centre on 7 June 2018

We had received distress messages from prisoners in closed centres and more particularly from 127bis in Steenokkerzeel.
Following repression, detention and threats from the management for those who tried to have contacts with the outside, with the media, the calls of the detainees were very incomplete, disjointed.

A certified person went to meet some of the migrants

– escape attempt last week: the two persons got intercepted, one was placed in confinement for 48 hours, the other for a week and then deported.

– Muslim retainees don’t have the right to Moroccan bread and pancakes for the breaking of the Ramadan fast, but they are being served pasta 4 times a week…

– they get out of date and moldy bread for meals

– 3 women were arrested in the framework of legal cohabitation procedures. One was released because she was pregnant but with an order to leave the territory after the baby was born. The father is Belgian.

– One retainee has been confined in a cell with no windows for 22 days.

– All the retainees fear the calls of social assistants because they are frigthening (tickets, threats of being sent back to their country of origin, messages of thekind ‘what the hell are you doing here? You don’t have anything to do here!’.

– the guards spend their time annoying and challenging the retainees with verbal racist attacks to be able to place them in confinement if they react.

En Ramadan in CRA France:

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