WARNING! New collective expulsion to Albania this Friday 30th January 2015

After the collective flight organised on December 17th 2014 to deport 38 Albanians, a new collective expulsion to Albania has been planned  for this Friday 30th of January.

Théo Francken had said so: he organises, among other things, collective expulsions to Albania every month. To arrange the expulsion as efficiently as possible, he went to Tirana in order to discuss with his Albanian counterpart.
The latter got his message loud and clear:


But no worries, the future deported are mainly ‘criminals’; those who disturbed public order for various reasons… They were condemned by our courts and are the object of a second penalty: expulsion.

The double penalty: 

«  Article 20 of the law of December 15th 1980 on access to the territory, residence, establishment and expulsion of foreigners enables the explusion of immigrants who have seriously disturbed the public order.”
This measure is felt by many as a double penalty and in the years 2000 it gave rise to a lot of hectic debates, an awareness-raising campaign and actions on this topic:


All out!

Knowing Mr Francken and the Foreigners Office’s judgement capacities, it is obvious that for any person who was convicted by our courts one day of a ‘serious breach in public order’, their motto was “All out!”

Besides, no matter what the deported have built up here for 10 or 20 years, no matter if they leave a wife, a mother, a father, children and sometimes grandchildren behind, the Office and Francken brush that aside.

Knowing that public order equals tranquility of the richest and that being the ‘first, second and third generation, we all are potential double penalties’, the time is short before Belgium will have deported all its inhabitants!

And no financial worries: 

These flights are paid 80% by the European Return Fund, dixit Mr Francken.
The European Return Fund is one of the four financial instruments of the general European programme called ‘Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows”.


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