Warning:Special Frontex flight towards Nigeria on this 14/10/2015.Update

14th October:Confirmation that the collective flight to Nigeria will be a military flight departing from Melsbroek¹s military airport (Chaussée de Haecht). It would supposedly take off in the beginning of the evening, to be confirmed

13th October: two days mobilisation in Rome to prevent this flight. Seen the number of Nigerians who were transferred to the same centre lately (Ponte Galera in Rome), they think that the charter flight will come to pick up all of them in Rome. Resistance! ttp://hurriya.noblogs.org/ <http://hurriya.noblogs.org/>


13/10/2015: A call from Rome: more than 40 Nigerians, mostly women, are retained in the centre in Rome. They fear that the deportation flight goes their way!

Article en italien (no comment sur la photo…)


At least five detainees, four from Merksplas closed center and one from Vottem closed center will be gathered together at the 127bis in order to be sent to Nigeria through a special flight on this 14/10/2015.
The flight will stop over in different European cities to pick up unwanted asylum candidates.

As Europe promised it,collective deportations are increasing!

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