We will never say it enough: Migration policies are killing, be it at the border or after


The Belgian State want to chase the criminals? They’d better start with themselves (and leave the rest of the world in peace)!

A Moroccan man who had been detained in the closed centre of Merksplas for two months was found dead this morning by his codetainees of block n°4. He hanged himself.
It had been a week already since he hadn’t fed himself and he was not feeling well at all.

The management of the closed centre tried to calm the situation, even to play the matter down. The man had left a letter that the management refused to show to the detainees. The latter are furious with this censorship and accuse the centre because no one intervened while they perfectly knew that the man was feeling very bad and that he was not feeding himself anymore.

They refuse to eat today April 2nd 2015 and ask for contacts with the outside, especially with journalists.

« They treat us like animals”.
« Nobody worries about us”.
« He was right. There is no solution, I also want to die!”

Since 1 p.m. the detainees of Merksplas no longer answer the phone… to be continued…

This morning also, at the headquarters of FEDASIL in the Foreigners Office, a man set fire to himself.
This Guinean man, 25 years old, had introduced his request in 2008.
He headed to the place around 11 a.m. He went to the toilet, he sprayed himself with essence and came out in fire.
He is still alive but in a very critical condition, his days are numbered.

One year ago already, a dead body was discovered in strange and shady circumstances. As regards immolations, it must have been at least the third attempt since one year.
That is how the world is rotten and twisted.
That is how bureaucracy has the authority over people’s life and death. That is how Belgium (and all her EU colleagues) grabs hundreds of thousands of people by the throat. She grabs them by the throat, bleeds themselves dry to get a single euro (215 euros per regularisation request), treats them like cattle  for a cost-effective productivity (who can still believe that the State doesn’t take advantage of undeclared work??), squeezes the very last drop out of them, spins their head on the citrus press while injecting them a very deep and constant fear. Day after day, year after year, each second passing by brings the fear of being controled, arrested, imprisoned, deported, tortured, murdered… When each seconds brings all this, how not to go nuts? Besides, all this psychological torture, all this misery, all this pressure those people have to go through is just to obtain a piece of paper.
That is how the world is decayed and twisted. It is a simple stamp on a sheet of paper (with all the repressive state apparatus mingled in the ink of that stamp) that will grant or not the right to breathe rather than to suffocate, the right to live rather than to survive.
And if one wants to take fresh air by themselves, like the two detainees of Vottem who tried to escape last night, they directly bring you to solitary confinement.
How could one be surprised that people are not cracking in the middle of all this?
The time for astonishment is over, it is time for anger now.

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