What to do in the event of being arrested in Belgium 11/08/2020

Many migrants wishing to settle in Great Britain have arrived safely in recent weeks (several hundred per week).

Many of the camps in the Pas de Calais area have been dismantled, which has pushed migrants to cross the Channel with the help of smugglers, who are working actively.
Info on Calais here

It seems that the management of this border is both chaotic and unsecured. A little politico-capitalist game is underway between France and the UK around the “security” of this border before the Brexit negotiations are completed. The UK threatens to bring in the army to push migrants back into the Channel: “We are working to make this route unviable and to arrest the criminals who facilitate these crossings and to ensure that they are brought to justice,” said the Home Secretary Priti Patel, quoted in this press release.
Info mainstream media: here

One hypothesis is that it is convenient for France and Belgium to clear the coastline by dismantling the camps and by turning a blind eye to the activities of the smugglers.

In France UPDATE Support people in detention centres: here

In Belgium, there is little activity around raids and roundups at the moment. However, we still have many accounts of serious mistreatment of undocumented migrants in car parks and in parks in Brussels by the police or private “security” agencies, in order to maintain the pressure on undocumented migrants, to protect borders and to keep a good image of our repressive and racist system.

But this will not last and we must once again expect arrestation and imprisment along the border, and in Belgium precisely.

Attached are flyers in several languages ​​(French, English, Amharique, Tigrynia, Arabe, Dari – Farsi and Pashto , Oromo) to inform people arrested and locked up in prisons or in Detention Centres, in Belgium in the coming months. To distribute, to print, to photograph and to display in strategic places, so that everyone can find it on their smartphone.

Français: Ici

Engl here

Farsi ici

Oromo ici

Arabe ici

Amharic ici

Arabe ici

Pashto ici

Trigyna ici


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