Audio : When I look at him, I can see death (FR)

11/02/2012 : Desperate testimony by a man detained in the 127 bis center near Brussels

Listen to the testimony (FR) :

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How are you doing ?

I am … not doing fine.

Are you in Centre 127 bis?

Yes I am in Centre 127bis.

Can you tell us about the situation there for the moment?

The situation is just awful.

Awful, what do you mean?

Absolutely awful. The food is a disaster. As far as I am concerned, it’s been 40 days or more that I haven’t been eating properly. I only eat in the morning. I split the morning collation in three. Most of the people do that. They only have breakfast and divide it for the day. They live on breakfast, with jam and butter. If you eat you fall asleep directly. I you drink coffee you fall asleep directly. There are days you don’t see anyone outside.

Does that mean that they put medicine in the food?

Yes, one can see that. Everybody feels the same here. You go for food, you sleep. There are people who sleep during the day, others during the night. I sleep during the day and during the night. You drink coffee, you feel something. You complain about something, they do something to you.

There is a handicapped guy with us. He hasn’t been eating for four days. Today they took him to an isolated room. They told him he would stay there and not go out with the others. Even for his prayer, he doesn’t come with us . What we live here is not human.

But why did they isolate him?

They isolated him.

Because of his behavior?

No, this guy does not have any special behavior. He is a nice guy. It’s because he didn’t want to eat.

Could you go and visit him?

I go and help him every day to take his shower. Today I gave him a massage. It’s sad. They will kill him. When I look at him I can see death.

So, now you all are aware of the situation?

Yes, we all know the situation.

But you know, regarding my story. The first time they brought me to the airport without me seeing my lawyer, getting my money back, and without telling me that a plane was waiting for me. They came to my place one morning and told me that I was going to see a dentist. I went downstairs to go to see the dentist and then they told me that I was going directly to the airport. I said “what?” and they answered that it was the doctor who had said so.

What is this story about the doctor? They tell you that it is the doctor who decides about your deportation?

About me the doctor said “This man… ”You know how it happens. Sometimes when you are sick you want to go and see the doctor and you are being told “no, this man will not return…” You see what I mean?

What I understand is that is it the doctor who decides if you leave the territory.

Yes, that’s it. But there are things going on here that you wouldn’t understand.

Last time they gave me a medicine, I took it around noon, and I soon felt like mad. My heart started to beat very hard. I went downstairs to see the doctor who told me that I didn’t have anything, and that they would bring me to the hospital the day after. I went back upstairs. Five or ten minutes later, I was watching through the window with a friend and suddenly we saw an ambulance coming. Someone was sick. This someone was me. Even they know that the doctor is not a good doctor.

When I talked to the director, he told me that he couldn’t find a doctor who was ready to be paid 60 euros/hour. You see, everybody knows this doctor is a bad doctor.

Do you have news about your case? Do you know if any progress has been made?

I have a lawyer now. Sometimes he comes, sometimes he doesn’t…

I have been living here for 12 years. I have studied. I am integrated. I have a house, a fiancée, I have everything. I never had problems with other people, with the police, with no one.

Now I would like to know where my file is. Is there an answer to it or not? Normally, I was not going to talk to you, but I did it because I don’t have anyone in Morocco.

I am 45 years old. What will a man like me do in Morocco? I have my family here who takes care of me. Over there I wouldn’t do anything. Who would take care of me? That is the problem my brother.


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